This page lists the regular tournaments.

2018 World Championship

The World Championship consists of at least two rounds of tournaments.

  1. The Candidate's Tournament determines the Challenger who is going to play in the Challenge Match.
  2. In 2018 the Email tournament will take the place of the Candidate's tournament. The winner of the Email tournament winner will become the challenger.
  3. The Challenge Match is played between the challenger and the incumbent World Champion. The Challenge Match is best of 11, with the first player to win 6 games the new World Champion.

Candidate's Tournament Results:

The Email tournament is determining the challenger for 2018. Ken Balakrishnan was the runner up in the email tournament and took up the right to challenge Donald Bailey in the challenge match.

Challenge Match Results:

Donald Bailey6
Ken Balakrishnan2

The winner of the 2018 World Championship Tournament is Donald Bailey.

Players: If you log in, you can submit your games.

Tournament Rules:

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