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2005: World Championship

Martin Pedersen won the Candidate's Tournament to become the Challenger for 2005.

The Challenge Match took place over the weekend of 12-14 November with the games played on the lobby. Donald won 6-0 to retain his title.

Candidate's Tournament - A

Tom SiegenthalerX211
Millissa Bethel1X21
Michael Sargent21X1

Candidate's Tournament - B

James RossX13333
Martin Pedersen2X3303
Phil Preen00X332
Jordi Sabater000X21
Oscar Martinez Ciura0001X0

Candidate's Tournament - A (playoff)

Michael SargentX232
Tom Siegenthaler1X21
Millissa Bethel01X0

Candidate's Tournament - Final

Martin PedersenX2302
James Ross1X222
Michael Sargent01X31
Tom Siegenthaler000X0

Challenge Match

whitered Donald BaileyMartin Pedersen
Donald BaileyMartin Pedersen10
Martin PedersenDonald Bailey20
Donald BaileyMartin Pedersen30
Martin PedersenDonald Bailey40
Donald BaileyMartin Pedersen50
Martin PedersenDonald Bailey60
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