Play Trax Online

Trax Lobby

We now have our own TRAX lobby for launching network games. The lobby requires that you have the TRAX 5.02 or later software installed (download now). The lobby can be launched directly from within the client, or by clicking on the link below. Clicking the link below will download a small file that will open the lobby - select "Open from current location" to go directly to the lobby.

Richard's PBMServer Games

You can view all current e-mail games played on Richard's PBMServer here. If you enter in your PBMServer id, your games will be highlighted, and you will be able to view the comments in your games (by default comments are not visible). Games can also be viewed by the TRAX software if installed. However at this stage, you require a separate e-mail client to make your moves. You must be registered on Richard's PMBServer to play Trax.

Gold Token Games

Gold Token host TRAX among their other turn based games. Turn based games are played via web pages, but do not require you and your opponent to be connected at the same time. A little like play by e-mail, except playing on the web. With the free subscription, you can play 8x8 TRAX, and for a small membership fee, standard TRAX is available. Click the link below and take the tour.

Boardspace have recently added TRAX to their live games site. Their lobby is based on a Java applet, so you will need to have Java installed and enabled to play there. After you log-in at Boardspace (membership at is free) it may take a couple of minutes for the lobby to load.
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