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TRAX 5 player software

The current version is 5.14, released on November 16, 2016. Version history.

These executables are self extracting and installing. Requires Windows XP or later. The Trax 5 software has been redeveloped as a core program and a series of plugins. This allows you to choose the various options that you want to install. The matrix below shows which plugins are available in each of the installers.




setuptraxcore.exe (902K)

Provides basic functionality for viewing or replaying Trax programs on a computer.
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setuptraxnetwork.exe (365K)

The plugin for playing with oponents over the internet.
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setuptraxlobby.exe (429K)

The plugin to connect to the Trax lobby for finding internet opponents
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setuptrax.exe (1117K)

Combines the above modules in a single download.
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setupdoby.exe (454K)

Provides the DOBY computer opponent. This must be registered to be functional. If you install over the top of a previous version of DOBY V, the registration should be retained. If you have problems, contact me.
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setupFPGA.exe (241K)

A plug-in for connecting to FPGA based players via RS232. This is provided for design competition challenges.
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Traxfig sources

traxfig.tar.gz (34K)

Traxfig is a viewer that many have found useful for playing PBM Trax. Requires a Linux or similar system.
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Commented games

Last updated September 23, 2006 (176K)

A set of 313 commented games. These range from beginner to advanced player. The archive has been updated so that all games are now using the standard notation, and several new commentaries have been added.
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Zillions of Games implementation

Last updated December 12, 2002 (25K)

L Lynn Smith has developed a Zillions-of-Games implementation for Trax. In this implementation, the playing area is limited to 21x21, and 128 tiles, with the first tile being in the centre of the playing area. This is not a serious limitation, and is sufficient to play most games of Trax. Requires a registered version of ZOG to play.
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Old archive versions

These versions are no longer supported, and are provided for completeness.

Trax 4.20 for Apple Macintosh

Updated 31 Aug, 1999

mactrax.hqx (388K)

Trax viewing and playing software for the Apple Macintosh. Requires a Macintosh Power PC with MacOS 7.5
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