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The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 10

Zone Emerging Players Tournament

The tournament was held in the Trax Tournament Room on the MSN Internet Gaming Zone at 2PM US Pacific Daylight Time, on Saturday 22nd May, 1999. The tournament was open to all players who did not have established ratings on Richard's PBMServer, and who were in the tournament room within 30 minutes of the start time.

Tournament directors:



A 3 loss knockout tournament. Players were allowed to lose 2 games without being knocked out from the tournament. Once 3 games were lost, the player is eliminated. The last remaining player won the tournament. Each round consisted of one game between matched players. Normal tournament rules were used, although there were no time limits in place.


John Wong
The 1999 Microsoft Gaming Zone Emerging Players Trax Tournament was successfully completed on May 22, 1999, with a down to the last wire nail-biting winning game in the 11th round by Jonathan Howard of United Kingdom (aka UK_Nomad). The first runner-up was Carole Plante of Canada (aka Carole_Plante), followed by Robyn Bailey of New Zealand (aka Robiteebob).

Like any other sporting events, this particular tournament was filled with the anticipated results and upsets. A pregame analysis gave a pretty accurate description and winning odds of some of the participants. The odds on favorite to win of 1:2 was given to UK_Nomad and Y_Worry, while Carole_Plante (1:3 odds) was described as the "sleeper" that could surprise a few people and Robiteebob (1:4 odds) had the pregame osmosis strength of learning the best of skills from Donald Bailey. Other players included The_Tanstai (1:3), P1ague (1:4), TheZ300 (1:4), cemgurl (1:5), Wickswicked (1:5), UhhhClem (1:5).

UK_Nomad, being one of the most experienced emerging players on the zone, had to indeed come from behind to beat the "sleeper" Carole_Plante. The other Hot-Traxter Y_Worry drew the unlucky matches by facing UK_Nomad, Carole_Plante, and Robiteebob in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round. After six hours of excruciating brainwave dueling, the results were as follows:

1. UK_Nomad
2. Carole_Plante
3. Robiteebob
4. The_Tanstai
5. P1ague
5. Wickswicked
5. Y_Worry
5. cemgurl
9. TheZ300
9. UhhhClem

All in all, the first ever Microsoft Gaming Zone Emerging Players Tournament was such a huge success that participants declared to assemble future monthly Trax gatherings on the zone! Stay tuned for further information on these!

P.S. Special thanks must be given to the two tournament directors: Donald Bailey (DGBailey) and David Smith (DavidTrax).

Detailed Results

There were 10 entrants in the tournament. The results from the various rounds of play are below. The number in parentheses is the number of games lost after the round is completed.

Round 1:

  • Carole_Plante (0) beat TheZ300 (1)
  • Robiteebob (0) beat P1ague (1)
  • Y_Worry (0) beat Wickswicked (1)
  • UK_Nomad (0) beat cemgurl (1)
  • The_Tanstai (0) beat Uhhhclem (1)

Round 2:

  • Robiteebob (0) beat TheZ300 (2, withdrew)
  • Carole_Plante (0) beat P1ague (2)
  • UK_Nomad (0) beat Y_Worry (1)
  • Wickswicked (1) beat The_Tanstai (1)
  • cemgurl (1) beat Uhhhclem (2, withdrew)

Round 3:

  • Carole_Plante (0) beat Y_Worry (2)
  • Robiteebob (0) beat Wickswicked (2)
  • P1ague (2) beat UK_Nomad (1)
  • The_Tanstai (1) beat cemgurl (2, withdrew)

Round 4:

  • Carole_Plante (0) beat Wickswicked (3, eliminated)
  • Robiteebob (0) beat Y_Worry (3, eliminated) 
  • UK_Nomad (1) beat The_Tanstai (2)
  • P1ague (2) had a bye.

Round 5:

  • Carole_Plante (0) beat P1ague (3, eliminated)
  • The_Tanstai (2) beat Robiteebob (1)
  • UK_Nomad (1) had a bye.

Round 6:

  • Carole_Plante (0) beat The_Tanstai (3, eliminated)
  • UK_Nomad (1) beat Robiteebob (2)

Round 7:

  • UK_Nomad (1) beat Carole_Plante (1)
  • Robiteebob (2) had a bye.

Round 8:

  • UK_Nomad (1) beat Robiteebob (3, eliminated)
  • Carole_Plante (1) had a bye.

Rounds 9,10,11:

  • Carole_Plante (1) beat UK_Nomad (2)
  • UK_Nomad (2) beat Carole_Plante (2)
  • UK_Nomad (2) beat Carole_Plante (3, eliminated)

Results in summary form:

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