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On Trax
The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 10

Issue 10 Contents

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Since the last issue of On Trax, Trax has been released on the Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone.

David Smith has provided the feature article for this issue, describing the journey of Trax through its release on the Zone to the present day. I am sure this will not be the last word, as the Zone is evolving the way that Trax is taught and played.

Trax on the Zone has required a new software package. This is Trax 4, which merges together the Internet capability of Wintrax under Windows, and the user interface of Doby III. This has undergone several revisions as new features have been added for Zone play (such as allowing spectators). There will be more revisions in the near future with the introduction of ratings, and a stripped down version of the playing engine from Doby III.

In this issue, we also have the results of the first informal tournament to be run on the Zone. The interest generated by this tournament looks set to guarantee that this will be the first of many. Thanks to John Wong, one of the enthusiastic new wave of Trax players for his analysis of the tournament. Keep your eyes on the Zone for information on upcoming tournaments there.

In the meantime, don't forget to hone your skills for the World Championship tournaments starting early next year!
Donald Bailey
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