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On Trax
The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 6

Issue 6 Contents

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In this issue we have a continuation of David Smith's article on losing a Trax game on a technicality. After playing the wrong colour, he has decided that anyone can make mistakes!

We also feature the second in a series of Trax Tips. This time, the focus is on caves. In last year's Internet Tournament, there was a dead cave in the final round game between Dan Pless and myself. This has prompted a series of questions about caves, and their place in Trax. In Trax Tips, examples are given of some of the peculiar things which may happen in and around caves. Many players, when the are confronted with a cave, will fill it in as fast as possible. Although this is understandable, such players miss out on understanding this exciting aspect of Trax. The Extras for Experts section is considerably larger than usual, describing an analysis that Dan and I have made on determining if a cave is fillable. While this analysis has limited immediate value in across the table games, it may be of interest to those interested in the theory of the game.
Donald Bailey
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NZTA Minutes of the 1995 AGM

The 1995 AGM of the New Zealand Trax Association was held at 7:00 pm on 23rd June 1995, at 7 Selby Place, Palmerston North.


Mr D. Bailey Mr J. Dodd Mr T. Siegenthaler Mr D. Smith (via telephone) Mr S. Walton


Mr G. Mortlock (Mr T. Siegenthaler) Mr T. McGrath (Mr D. Bailey)
  1. Apologies were accepted from Mr McGrath and Mr Mortlock, who were unable to attend.
  2. The minutes of the last AGM were taken as read and approved. There were no matters arising from the minutes.
  3. Mr Smith proposed that the financial reports as published in the April 1995 issue of On Trax be accepted. This was seconded by Mr Bailey and passed by unanimous vote.
  4. Mr. Smith then proposed that the existing officers be re-elected, this was seconded by Mr Dodd, and passed by unanimous vote. The officers accepted and are: President: Mr D. Bailey, Treasurer: Mr D. Bailey, Secretary: Mr T. Siegenthaler
  5. Mr Smith tabled the following report on the International Trax Association:
    The International Trax Association (ITA) was formed during the past year. The executive officers of the ITA are (listed alphabetically):
    Mr D. Bailey (NZ), Mr D. Lunn (United Kingdom), Mr M. Nicholson (USA), Mr M. Peterson (Denmark), Mr R Rognlie (USA), Mr T. Siegenthaler (NZ), Mr D. Smith (NZ)
    The primary duties of the ITA executive for the moment is the scheduling of international tournaments.
    Mr Smith proposed that the report be accepted, this was seconded by Mr Siegenthaler, and passed by unanimous vote.
  6. There being no further items on the agenda, the meeting was brought to a close at 7:20 pm.
Tom Siegenthaler
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