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On Trax
The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 2

Issue 2 Contents

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Recently, I have been compiling a FAQ sheet on Trax (this is computer lingo for answers to Frequently Asked Questions). This is a document available online on the Internet, a worldwide international computer network, allowing people who are interested in the game to find out more about Trax. In other words, to answer common questions. In this issue, for our feature article, I have included the answers to questions about Trax strategy. Although these strategies seem reasonably straight forward, or even commen sense, they can be hard to apply consistently. This is especially so when playing across the table. To show some of these strategies, I have included an interesting game that Tom and I played recently.

It is even more important to polish up on strategy technique with the World Championship coming up later this year. In this issue we give some of the details of all of the tournaments associated with the Championship. Now is time to get your practise in before the various tournaments begin!

Finally, it is AGM time again. I know that it was not very long ago that we had the last one, but this will get us onto schedule of one per year. The AGM will be sandwiched between the usual pot-luck dinner and games. I hope to see many of you there.
Donald Bailey
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NZTA Reports for 1993 / 1994

President's Report

The big event of the last year was the formalisation of the New Zealand Trax Association as a national organisation. This makes coordiantion of national events a little easier, and in particular should increase the chances of obtaining sponsorship for tournaments.

Important activities of the coming year will be to specify standards for tournaments, to implement an international ranking scheme, and to encourage the establishment of other Trax clubs worldwide.

Finally, I would like to thank all those involved in getting the NZTA off the ground, and look forward to your future support!
Donald Bailey

Treasurer's Report

The following is a statement of our financial position for the year ending March 31, 1994.


Total income1160.00


Committee meetings19.00
Total expenditure50.30


Expenses 50.30
BNZ account 954.70
Trophies 155.00
Donald Bailey

Notice of AGM

In accordance with NZTA Rules, we must hold an AGM within 3 months of the end of the financial year (which finished on 31 March 1994).

Date: Sunday, 29 May 1994
Time: 6:00 pm for the pot luck dinner, 7:30 pm for the AGM
Venue: 1 Salisbury Avenue, Palmerston North


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
  3. Matters arising
  4. Reports from 1993/4
  5. Election of officers for 1994/5
  6. 1994 World Championship
  7. Other business
Note: A member, if unable to attend any Special or Annual General Meeting, is entitled to appoint a proxy, and that proxy need not be a member of the NZTA; proxies must be lodged with the secretary prior to the start of the meeting.
Tom Siegenthaler
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The World Championship series of tournaments is held biennially. Preparations for the 1994 World Trax Championship are well under way. This consists of several rounds, leading up to the Challenge Match.

Qualifier Tournaments

At the start there is a series of qualifier tournaments. These pick out the top players from various regions around the world. The following regions will have qualifier tournaments:
  • Bay Area (USA):

    For players in the San Francisco Bay area. Date and format to be announced. To select 1 candidate.
  • Wellington Region (NZ):

    For players in the Wellington area. Date and format to be announced. To select 1 candidate.
  • Manawatu Region (NZ):

    The Manawatu Open Tournament will be held on the weekend of 9, 10 July. This tournament is open to all-comers, and will be a round robin played across the table. To select 2 candidates.
  • Canterbury Region (NZ):

    For players in the South Island of NZ. Date and format to be announced. To select 3 candidates.
  • International (e-mail):

    For players not in any of the other regions who have access to electronic mail. Started on 4 April, with 5 entries to select 1 candidate. A round robin tournament being played in correspondence mode.

In later years, additional regions will be added as they establish a player base.

Candidate's Tournament

The 8 winning candidates from the Qualifier Tournaments will progress to the Candidate's Tournament. The purpose of this tournament is to find the top player to challenge the world champion.

The Candidate's Tournament for 1994 is hosted by the Canterbury Trax Club, and will be held at 37 Bannister Place, Christchurch on the weekend of 6, 7 August. A computer link will be provided for candidates from outside New Zealand who are unable to travel to the event. A round robin format played across the table will be used.

Challenge Match:

The winner of the Candidate's Tournament wins the right to challenge the incumbent world champion in the Challenge Match. The winner becomes the new world champion.

This year, the Challenge Match will be hosted by the Manawatu Trax Club. It will be held on the weekend of 3, 4 September at a venue yet to be arranged. The winner of the match will be the first player to win 6 games of Supertrax with at least a 2 game lead.
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