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On Trax
The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 1

The New Zealand Trax Association Incorporated

Before I go too far, perhaps I should explain what the NZTA is all about. Basically, the NZTA is an association of both clubs and individuals who enjoy playing Trax, and want to help others enjoy the game as well. In other words, the NZTA exists to promote the game. Representatives from the different clubs got together and formed a national body - The New Zealand Trax Association Incorporated - for the purposes of coordinating our efforts, and to help establish some consistency in the way different clubs operate. The NZTA gained official recognition as an organisation on December 9th, 1993. Many thanks to those who helped by signing the application for incorporation, or participated in the inaugural general meeting.

So much for an overview - some of the things we want to do as a national
association are:
As you can see, if it has got anything to do with Trax, the NZTA is likely to be involved in some way or other!


All of the day to day running of the activities of the NZTA is handled by the committee. The committee consists of the elected officers (the president, secretary, and treasurer) along with representatives from each of the associated Trax clubs.

At the AGM each year, the members present (you can be represented by proxy if you are unable to make it in person) elect the officers Those elected hold office from the end of the AGM until the end of the AGM of the following year. To hold office, you must be either an individual or life member. Each associated Trax club appoints a representative to the Committee. The role of the representative is to provide a contact point between their club and the NZTA. See page 8 for a list of current representatives.

Founding Signatories

The following members signed the application for incorporation and therefore gain the distinction of being the founding signatories of The New Zealand Trax Association Incorporated:
Sorry, but there are no special privileges that go with this distinction. You just have the honour of being in at the start. One thing I can say though - some of the names are certainly more legible here than on the application!

Membership Information

The New Zealand Trax Association Inc. has three types of member:

An associate member is anyone who belongs to an associated Trax club, unless they are already an individual or life member. The subscription for an associate member is paid by the associated club, and is included in their club membership fee.

An individual member is someone who belongs directly to the NZTA by paying a subscription every year. Individual membership allows people who are not members of an associated Trax club to join the NZTA. If you are a member of an associated club then you have the choice of being either an individual or associate member. The main difference between the two is that an individual member must declare their interests in the aims of the NZTA, whereas an associate member does not. For this reason, to serve as an elected officer (president, secretary or treasurer) you must be an individual or life member. However, an associate member may serve on the committee as a club representative.

A life member is an individual member who pays a single subscription for life, rather than every year. To become a life member, you must be nominated by two other individual or life members.

The Committee has not yet met to determine the membership fees for 1994.
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