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On Trax
The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 3

Qualifier Tournament Results

The qualifier rounds of the 1994 World Championship tournament are now completed. Results are as follows, with qualifying players shown in bold:

Bay Area (USA): held on 16, 17 July

  1. Mel Nicholson (unbeaten)
  2. Van Boughner
  3. Albert Baker

Wellington Region (NZ):

Manawatu Region (NZ): held on 9, 10 July

  1. Tom Siegenthaler
  2. Baozhen Fan
  3. Jason Dodd

Canterbury Region (NZ): held on 16, 17 July

  1. Guy Mortlock
  2. Tim Jefferies
  3. Andrew Jefferies

International (e-mail): held over 4 April to early June

  1. Dan Pless (unbeaten)
  2. Bill Taylor
  3. Richard Rognlie
Andrew Butterfield was also deemed to have qualified on the basis of his past performance (he was champion from 1986 - 1990). However, Andrew is unable to compete this year as he has just moved to Canberra and is unavailable for this year's tournament.

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