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On Trax
The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 4

World Championship Challenge Match

The 1994 World Trax Challenge Match was held on September 3-5 between the challenger, Dan Pless of the USA, and the defending champion, Donald Bailey. The match was hosted by the Manawatu Trax Club and was held in The Science Centre and Manawatu Museum. Dan Pless participated via an internet link from Pennsylvania, USA. (He was playing 6 pm to 12 midnight his time).

Dan won the first 2 games, and Donald won the third, leaving the score at the end of the first day 2-1 to Dan. On the second day, the scenario was reversed with Donald winning the first two games and Dan winning the third, making the score 3-3. The third day was a repeat of the first day, with Dan winning the first two and Donald the third. However, Dan went on to win the fourth game and the title, 6 to 4.

Thanks to our sponsors The Science Centre and Manawatu Museum and Lufi's Cafe.

The 10 games of the 1994 Challenge Match are listed below. The winner of each game is underlined.

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Tom Siegenthaler
Challenge Match Director
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