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On Trax
The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 12

Meet the Candidates (& Champion)

Dan, Aaron, Martin, Carl, Peter, Tom, & Donald

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DanDan Pless

I am currently a PhD student in the department of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico. My research area is in Artificial Intelligence, particularly Bayesian Networks and stochastic modeling. I have always had a strong interest in strategy games, of course including Trax. In addition I like to go hiking in the mountains near Albuquerque, NM where I live.

AaronAaron Armading

I've been playing Trax since October of 1999, when I discovered the game on the Microsoft Gaming Zone website. I soon found Trax to be a refreshing change from the chess, checkers, and card games offered by most sites.

Along with abstract strategy games I enjoy unicycling, reading, juggling, and piano playing (which I do poorly.)

I am currently located in the northwestern part of Iowa.

MartinMartin Pedersen

Hi, I'm 28 years old from Denmark. I work as an Oracle DBA and System-administrator on Solaris. My music-taste: I enjoy Grateful Dead, and Bruce Springsteen. Another of my hobbies is to collect used phonecards.

I have played Trax since 1994. My best Trax year was 1998 when I came second place in both the e-mail tournament and in the Candidate's Tournament.

CarlCarl Johan Ragnarsson

I am 18 years old from Lund, Sweden. Currently, I am a student of mathematics and physics at Lund University of Sweden. My main interest is combinatorics and number theory. Other intersets include travelling, reading, juggling, games and just learning new thing in general.

Trax was the first game I started playing more or less seriously, in December 1999. Since then I have learnt the rules of around 300 games, and enjoy playing many of them. Currently I am learning the game of Go, and other oriental games, but still keep checking back on Trax, hoping for some more activity there. Once I start doing something, I do it seriously for a while, often at the expense of other things, and this is what happened to games with me last year.

PeterPeter Small

I'm 35 and a bachelor. I live in Australia, always have and probably always will. Ummm... I have worked in lots of jobs, latest is in IT, where I TRY to fix everyones computer problems at Quiksilver head office down here. Haven't had much formal training, but I enjoy it :). Before the net really came into being I ran a BBS (small, semi private).

Ive been playing games on the net for about 5 years now, and only came to the zone because my ISP decided to block a few ports, blocking me from some game sites. So I played spades a bit on the zone, and when bored started to check out all the free games. About a year ago I found Trax. Despite being on net for years, I wasn't that good at chatting (ok, so I still aren't! :P ), so I downloaded it, and checked it out offline. Once I had the general idea I jumped into a few games and have been learning ever since.

TomTom Siegenthaler

I am a 37 year old network engineer, working for a company that runs 3 hospitals (260 beds) in New Zealand. I am married, but instead of children, my wife and I fritter away our hard earned cash in holidays, around NZ and overseas. Gaming has always had a great appeal with me, and I have been heavily involved in Trax since I was introduced to it in 1992 by Donald Bailey, the current world champion. I am also a keen tramper (that's "hiker" for those of you who speak American!) and spend a lot of my spare time teaching bushcraft and first aid skills to youth groups and the public.

I live a 1/2 hour bicycle commute from work, just far enough away from town to have two cats (our kids), thirteen chooks, a couple of ducks and a heap of fruit trees.

DonaldDonald Bailey

My wife, Robyn, and I live in Palmerston North, New Zealand, where I'm a university lecturer, teaching electronics, signal processing and image processing. I have been playing Trax since 1984 after being introduced to it by a colleague. I have always enjoyed playing games, and Trax and I just seem to have 'clicked'.

Much of my spare time is taken up with Trax - playing, maintaining the web pages, and at the moment writing the DOBY V Trax playing software. Other interests? I lead a small group Bible study in our local church. I enjoy reading, particularly science fiction, walking, and must get back into swimming again some time!
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