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On Trax
The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 3

Candidate's Tournament Results

The results of the 1994 Candidate's Tournament are:
Dan Pless8
Andrew Jefferies8
Tim Jefferies5
Guy Mortlock4
Tom Siegenthaler3
Mel Nicholson2
Dan and Andrew had to play one further game to determine who was the overall tournament winner. The play-off was held on Monday 22 August, and was won by Dan.

Congratulations Dan, and thanks to all those who participated either by playing, or as tournament officials.

The tournament games are listed starting on the next page. Some interesting statistics: the average game size was 26.4 turns and 56.9 tiles with an average of 2.15 tiles played per turn. White won 16 out of the 31 games played.

Challenge Match

Dan Pless, as the winner of the Candidate's Tournament has won the right to challenge the incumbent world champion, Donald Bailey, in the Challenge Match. The winner of this match becomes the new world champion.

This year, the Challenge Match will be hosted by the Manawatu Trax Club. It will be held on the weekend of 3 and 4 September at The Science Centre. The winner of the match will be the first player to win 6 games of Supertrax with at least a 2 game lead.

Game Listings

The 31 games of the Candidate's Tournament are listed below, with the games being numbered in round order. The white player listed first, and the name of the winner of each game is underlined.

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