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On Trax
The New Zealand Trax Association Newsletter. Issue: 7

Doby III

Donald Bailey
Doby III represents the 3rd generation of Trax software written for PCs. You are unlikely to have seen the earlier versions because they never made a standard suitable for marketing. Version I could only play 8x8 Trax, using a fairly simple evaluation function. You had to play carefully, but it was reasonably easy to beat. Version II extended the capabilities to Supertrax, since that was starting to be played more regularly at the time. The potentially unlimited size of the playing area introduced a whole new set of problems. Also, Trax strategy was becoming more developed, and Doby II often fell for obvious traps. That didn't stop us from entering the program in a couple of the Manawatu tournaments. By incorporating more sophisticated threat recognition, Doby III is able to overcome many of the problems plaguing earlier systems. The user interface was completely redeveloped to give it a more modern 3D apperance. While there are still limitations, Doby III is able to play at a sufficiently high standard to keep most players on their toes. However, there is still room for improvement and development, so keep your eyes open for updates, and Doby IV!

At this point, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of those who helped make Doby III possible. First, to David Tan for introducing me to playing Trax, and of course to David Smith for inventing the game. Tom Siegenthaler spent many hours play testing and bug hunting. He was also responsible for editing the bulk of the help file. Other members of the Manawatu Trax Club played their part in detecting some of the more obscure bugs, particularly Jason Dodd who locked up Tom's computer innumerable times! Finally, special thanks go to my wife Robyn, who put up with me programming when she would have preferred me doing other things. In the end she capitulated, and offered to proofread the help file as a Trax novice.


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