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2022 Email Tournament

The annual e-mail tournament is played each year on Richard's PBMServer. Players are required to have a userid on Richard's server to participate in this tournament.

Signups are usually taken in January for a February start, although the start date may vary a little from year to year, and takes 6-8 months to complete. There is a 7 day per move time limit, although most moves should be made more quickly than this. Players who are going to be away from their compuer for longer than this can request to be put on the vacation list (please CC all vacation requests to or PBMServer id: dgb). Off-line analysis of the position is allowed, but use of AI programs to determine your next move is prohibited. As this is a tournament, undos are not permitted - players should be careful before sending their moves!

Players are divided into pools of 6-8 players per pool. Each pool is played as a round robin with all games being played simultaneously on Richard's PBMServer. The top 3 players (plus ties) from each pool advance to the next round. In the event of there being a tie in the final round, the games played between the tied players will be considered (countback).

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Congratulations to dgb, winner of the 2022 tournament.

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